Apartments/Multi-Family Communities

RAMSTAR has successfully completed projects in several states for multi-family owners/operators.

We can assist you with exterior renovations, interior common area renovations, interior resident unit upgrades, kitchen and bath upgrades, clubhouse renovations or simply refurbishing your common areas with new finishes.

We minimize disruption during the renovation

RAMSTAR sets up dust partitions and air scrubbers to minimize the renovation impact for your residents and staff. All of our crew members wear RAMSTAR RENOVATIONS shirts or vests for easy identification, and each member is accustomed to interacting with your valued residents.

Recently completed projects

  • Arlington, TX: Exterior renovation: Complete roof replacement, extensive carpentry repairs and full repaint
  • Dallas, TX: Exterior renovation and Clubhouse renovation
  • Dallas, TX: Apartment fire reconstruction
  • Long Beach, CA: Exterior renovation: Stucco, wood, concrete, welding repairs and full repaint
  • Mesa, AZ: Exterior renovation: Extensive stucco/wood repairs, full repaint, pool renovation, laundry room conversion to fitness center
  • Palm Desert CA: Interior apartment upgrades
  • Rancho Cucamonga: Interior apartment upgrades